Breastfeeding Centre Vita Nova

At the Breastfeeding Centre Vita Nova everything revolves around new life.

From pregnant women and their partners to new parents with infants and young children, our Breastfeeding Centre offers activities, solutions and advice for anything related to early parenthood.

Alexandra Knijnenburg (Lactation Consultant, IBCLC), Tal Spanjer (carrying system consultant) and Joëlle van Eijk (coordinator of our course centre) are committed to provide new parents with everything they may need to make the initial stages of your child’s life and the period during which they breastfeed to a fantastic and memorable period of your family’s life.


Breastfeeding Centre Vita Nova offers you a place to go for any questions about breastfeeding, babies and all matters related.

Our team of specialists offers a breastfeeding shop; a lactation consultancy practice for professional assitance and advice with breastfeeding; and a course centre with a variety of courses. For all courses on offer, please visit the Course Centre page.

Additionally, we offer a meeting place for breastfeeding women, their partners and their children hun kinderen through our Breastfeeding Café, which takes place at our centre on every Friday, between 10:00am and 12:00am.

For breast pump rentals we can be contacted 24/7 at the following telephone number: 06-54268933. 

Opening hours:

Breastfeeding Centre Vita Nova, Prins Hendrikstraat 145, Den Haag

Monday10:00-15:00 (breastfeeding café until 12:00pm)
Friday10:00-15:00 (baby-carry café until 12:00pm)

Outside of these hours we are available by appointment.

Address: Prins Hendrikstraat 145, 2518 HN The Hague.

Feel free to contact us for further information either by telephone – 070-3863265 – or via email through the contact page on this website.