24 Hour Breast Pump Hire


Thanks to the 24 hour Breast Pump Hire at the Breastfeeding Centre, you can always come to us to hire a breast pump at one fixed rate.

In addition to breast pumps, we also offer scales and carry systems to rent.

Tarieven voor kolfapparaten:             € 13,25 per week dan wel € 2,00 per dag
Tarieven voor weegschalen:              € 15,25 per week
Tarieven voor draagsystemen:          € 6,50 per week (maximaal 2 weken)


We have breast pumps available to hire by Ameda, Avent and Medela.

To purchase breast pumps you can also visit our shop. To make an informed purchase we suggest you visit us for a personal recommendation and explanation of the different models.

You can download the full rental terms and conditions here.

For more information about the various products that you can hire, please contact us on 070-3863265 or by email.

Some health insurance companies reimburse the cost of the hire or purchase of a breast pump (in the case that it is purchased through a qualified IBCLC lactation consultant who is registered with the NVL). Check your health insurance policy terms and conditions to see if this is possible.

To hire breast pumps outside of our regular opening times, you can contact us on 0654 26 89 33.